Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Kipling and Keats inspire Leeds Castle’s Festival of Flowers Autumn Glory

Yesterday evening Leeds Castle welcomed the press, floral designers and special guests from the theatrical world including Sir Ian McKellen to preview the transformation of the 900 year old Castle into a colourfully creative venue for the Festival of Flowers: ‘Autumn Glory’. 
Autumn Glory is the theme of the Festival of Flowers
The Festival, led by Leeds Castle Head Florist Louise Roots and multi award winning floral designer Mig Kimpton runs until Sunday 28th September and is free to enter for visitors holding day or annual passes to Leeds Castle.
Louise Roots, Castle Florist with her beautiful David Austen Roses Display
Special guests were welcomed by Festival Designer Mig Kimpton before an exclusive preview of the beautifully decorated Castle rooms. Over 25 talented floral designers, local florists and amateur flower arrangers have created floral designs on the theme of the glory of the Kent garden inspired by the poetry of Kipling and Keats.

In the Castle courtyard the Castle gardeners have created a floral representation of the great influences of both poets. Kipling spent his informative years in India, which is illustrated at the far end of the courtyard. Keats, in the near right corner of the Courtyard, spent his final years in Italy. One of his famous poems ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ is purportedly written whilst Keats sat under a plum tree. 

Castle Gardeners Sam and Natalie in the decorated Courtyard inspired by Poets Keats and Kipling
Special guest Sir Ian McKellan complimented Castle Gardener Sam Wiesbauer for the creative design describing it as ‘intuitive and intelligent.’ 

Mig Kimpton Festival Designer with special guest Sir Ian McKellan

Specialist talks, demonstrations and workshops make for a truly floral celebration for visitors to enjoy throughout the week. A free specialist talk on the flowers and gardens of Leeds Castle takes place on Thursday at 2pm at the Pavilion Lawn Marquee. 

Yellow Silk Drawing Room
Take a step back in time to the 1930s as one of the Castle Guide’s regales tales of the last private owner Lady Baillie’s lavish house parties and how she planned floral arrangements down to the minutest detail on the ‘Lady Baillie’s Love of Flowers’ talk.  

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