Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Custard Tarts - Treat yourself from the dessert table

It was in the 1390’s, during the tenure at Leeds Castle of King Richard II and his queen, Anne of Bohemia, that the world’s first recipe book was written – the Forme of Cury. Only the finest food was prepared for  the King who loved to entertain on a lavish scale and impress his guests with rare and expensive ingredients such as saffron and the newly discovered, sugar.

Daryols – custard tarts to us – were one of the favourites and have enjoyed many permutations through time, but are particularly delicious as served at Leeds Castle today. You can try one of these tasty delights in our Fairfax Restaurant.

Translation: Take cream or almond milk, add egg with sugar, saffron and salt. Mix it up. Pour it in a two-inch deep pastry case. Bake it well and serve.

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